What If – infographics and digital creation/consumerism.

Practicality set in today, and our emergent inquiry took on a more structured framework today. I wanted to be sure that our current cyberbullying inquiry actually investigated some strategic tools that kids can use when facing cyberbullying. It’s an extension of the question “what do we do if we are really being cyberbullied?”

We practiced using keywords to google specific images and we reminded ourselves how to filter images from news, videos, maps, and websites using google as well. Our goal was to find an image, an infographic, that helped us streamline what we need to do in the case of cyberbullying – a quick visual reminder. These were the ones we like best.

This launched us into an exploration about copyright, fair use, and the rights and responsibilities of a digital creator. We revisited the commonsense.org/education curriculum and they had several engaging lessons helping us better understand what media we can use, and how we can use it. Links to the lessons are HERE. I think we’ll try using Canva to develop our own infographics (and I use the term infographic loosely in the particular context, ha).

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 12.30.50 AM

This could be a fun way to practice being thoughtful digital creators (we are SO excited to have new iPads to help us with our learning!), to develop our understanding of the cyberbullying content, and a way for us explore the complexities of digital consumerism by considering how we’d feel if someone plagiarized or misused our own hard work.

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