Workshops can be offered in 1.5-3 hour, full-day, or workshops series format. Below are a few workshops currently being offered, but I am always excited by the prospect of developing a new workshop specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of your learning community.

Core Competencies Literacy and Self-Assessment:
This session explores frameworks for having conversations about the core competencies with your learners. Participants are offered preliminary definitions of the core competencies (in kid friendly language), ways to develop a ‘common language,’ as well as different ways to supports students in self-assessing their core competency development (collaborative planning time included in 3 hour sessions)

Uncovering the Core Competencies:
We all want to work smarter not harder, right? This session explores where/how the Core Competencies ‘live’ in the work we are already doing in our classrooms each day. Participants are offered practical ways to make the Core Competencies more explicit, to link the core and curricular competencies in meaningful ways, and embed core competencies self-reflection and self-assessment in the activities/learning you’re already doing!

Developing a Reflective Classroom Culture:
This session examines ways to embed reflective practices in your classroom. This includes ways to develop feelings of safety and security within the classroom, developing metacognition strategies with your students, and various way to reflect on and self-assess personal progress in a variety of domains.

Planning for Differentiation:
Key themes are: Student self-regulation, the prepared environment, and the Montessori work Cycle. Combined, these elements can create optimum conditions in which the teacher and students can engage in spontaneous and meaningful differentiation using a Montessori framework and materials. During the workshop we explore how creating a classroom environment (space and systems) provides time and opportunity for teachers to connect with each student, and co-develop the “next step” of the learning journey specific to their unique needs and interests (differentiation).
(note: this session can be tailored for both Montessori and non-Montessori educators)